Getting your household electrics under control can be a challenge, but with the right app, it can be much simpler. In this article, we’ll take a look at two such apps – one that lets you monitor your electricity usage and another that lets you remotely turn off devices when they’re not in use.

What are smart phone apps?

Smart phone apps are applications that can be downloaded and used on a smartphone to control household electronics. These apps help users monitor their energy usage, control their home’s climate, and more, it’s like having a residential electrician in the palm of your hand.

Some popular smart phone app options to consider include the Nest Learning Thermostat, which uses data from the app to adjust the temperature in your home; Honeywell’s Lyric Home Security System, which allows users to arm and disarm the system; and First Alert’s Home Security Camera, which lets users watch live footage from their security cameras from any device.

There are dozens of different smart phone apps available for controlling household electronics, and each one offers its own unique set of features and benefits. If you’re interested in exploring this technology further, be sure to check out our list of the best smart phone apps for energy efficiency.

How do smart phone apps work?

Most smart phone apps work by sending a request to a server and waiting for a response. This request can be anything from turning on a light to updating your location. The app then uses the response to perform the requested action.

Apps that need to interact with the physical world generally use two types of requests: Location Requests and Actions. Location Requests just ask for your current geographic location, while Actions require you to do something specific like turn on a light.

Location Requests are usually less complicated and faster to respond, so they’re used more often. Actions are used when you want to do something more complicated like open a door or turn off an entire room.

Location Requests are always done in reverse order, so the app first asks the server for your current location, and then uses that information to figure out what action to take.

There are several ways that smart phone apps can get your household electricity under control. One way is to use the geolocation feature in most phones. When you make a location request, the phone uses its built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver to track your precise location. It does this even when the phone is locked or

What are the benefits of using smart phone apps to control your household electricity?

There are many benefits to using smart phone apps to control your household electricity. Some of the benefits include:

1. Increased Efficiency. Smart phone apps can help you save energy by allowing you to control your appliances and devices from a single location. This can help you keep your home more organized and reduce the amount of energy that is used overall.

2. More Control Over Your Electrical Bills. Using smart phone apps can help you track your household electricity usage and see where you can make cuts in order to lower your monthly bills. This information can be helpful in making informed decisions about how to best use your electrical resources.

3. Peace of Mind. Having complete control over your household electricity means that you can relax knowing that everything is under control. You will never have to worry about a power outage causing inconvenience in your home again.

If you are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your home and lower your monthly electric bills, it may be worth considering using a smart phone app to manage your electricity. There are many great options available, so be sure to research which ones would work best for you and your family!

How to choose the right app for controlling your household electricity

If you are like most people, you probably use your phone to keep in touch with friends, stay up-to-date on the news, and take care of some basic tasks. But what about using your phone to manage your household electricity? Here are five apps that can help you do just that.

1. EnergyWise is one of the most popular apps for controlling household electricity. The app has a variety of features, including a battery saver feature that helps you conserve energy by shutting off lights when they are not being used. EnergyWise also offers a variety of reports that show how much energy each device is using and how much money you have saved.

2. Eco Remote is another app that lets you control various devices in your home using your smartphone. The app includes features such as temperature control, sound and motion detection, and scheduling. You can even connect other devices, like a water heater or pool pump, to Eco Remote and control them using your smartphone.

3. Smart Home Monitor is another app that lets you monitor and manage your household electricity usage through your smartphone. The app includes features such as real-time data monitoring, historical data tracking, and notifications when events occur (like when

Setting up your smart phone app and getting started

Smart phone apps like WeMo can make your household electricity management a breeze. Just connect your devices to the app, and you’re good to go! Here are five tips for getting started:

1) Decide what you want to achieve. Do you want to turn off all of your lights when you leave the room, or just one?

2) Choose your devices. You can use any type of device with a smart phone app- from lamps and appliances to switches and sensors.

3) Set up rules. Once you have chosen your devices and set up some basic rules, it’s time to customize them! You can create complex schedules and rules based on time of day or week, or just turn off everything at night.

4) Monitor results. After you’ve set everything up and tested it out, it’s time to check in on your progress! The app will show you which devices are turning off when, and how much energy they’re saving.

5) Share your progress with friends. If you’re happy with the results, be sure to share them with friends- they might be able to benefit too!

Tips for using your app to control your household electricity

There are a few different apps out there that can help you take control of your household electricity. Depending on your needs, some of these apps may be more suited for you than others.

If you’re looking to conserve energy and lower your bills, one app that can save you a lot of money is called “PowerMeter”. This app allows you to track your energy usage and see how you can save on your bills.

Another app that can help you save on your energy bills is called “Energy Wise”. Energy Wise allows you to see how much energy each of your devices is using, and it will let you know when it’s time to unplug them.

Apps like these can help reduce your reliance on electricity and make it easier for you to manage your household finances.


With the amount of technology that we now rely on, it is no surprise that our households are constantly powered by electricity. Unfortunately, this reliance often leaves us vulnerable to power outages and other disruptions. To help minimize these risks, it is important to have a smart phone app in your arsenal that can help you manage your household electricity usage. There are a number of apps available on the market that do just this, and by taking advantage of their features you can ensure that your household is always powered and running smoothly.