The digital age has, in fact, shrunk the world. Everything is accessible with a single click. While most businesses rely on social media to increase visibility, gain followers, and engage with customers, there is one platform that every business should have – a mobile application.
They claim that developing and maintaining a mobile application is costly; however, it is regarded as the most powerful tool for reaching a target market, given that 18.6 million Australians used mobile phones in 2017 and that figure is expected to rise to 21.5 million by 2025. Food delivery, online shopping, service appointments, and transportation booking are all simple tasks that can be completed with a single tap on mobile apps. Did you know, though, that dental clinics can profit from having a mobile app as well? If you’re a dentist in a small time like Mackay an app is overdoing it.
Below are three (3) reasons why tour dental clinic should have its own mobile app.
  • Brand awareness and audience building. People tend to shop for dental clinics online; however, they would choose a clinic with mobile application because of its advantages that include ease of use, accessibility, and convenience. Your consumers can make an appointment with a single tap of their finger, anywhere and at any time, without having to wait in line for a customer care agent to pick up the phone. A simple, easy-to-use, and dependable mobile app could help your clinic stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty.
  • Marketing and communications channel. The mobile app’s push notification feature can help your clinic remind customers of their appointments more effortlessly. Furthermore, announcements, promotions, and marketing for your products and services, such as dentures and dental implants, can be easily delivered to your customers. Transforming it into a social platform where your customers can interact with one another and with your organisation will increase customer engagement. Moreover, getting a feedback would help your company enhance the user experience.
  • Business processes optimisation. A mobile app can track and manage employee interactions inside your organisation, securely exchange files and data, as well as monitor and manage any processes and tasks.
There are a lot more reasons why your dental clinic should develop its own mobile application. Consult a qualified software developer or engineer now to learn more about developing a mobile application and how to invest in it to maximise your profits.