In the recent years, we have seen the rise of social media and how it made an impact in our daily lives. That said, there are those who are skeptical to the “positive influences” of social media, especially that it may have affected how we interact and socialise with each other. Some believe that fostering relationships through a device the size of our palm have turned us into the new breeds of anti-social. Sure, we come in contact with others a lot differently than it was years ago. But it does not hide the fact that people are still social; it’s just that social apps transformed how we mingle or fraternise. We even carry out sticky business via social apps.

Sticky Business Via Social Apps

Thanks to social apps, meeting new people online resulted to an expansion of our circle of “friends.” More so, connecting with millions of people from all parts of the world is easier than ever. For instance, some of us are using apps to meet cam girls, while others are furthering their sticky business via social apps.

Social media also gives us a bigger platform where we can discuss topics that interest us and share our thoughts with a far wider audience. Truth be told, the freedom of speech is more at liberty online. Everyone can straightforwardly convey their message to millions of people without being censored. For example, the #JeSuisCharlie that trended online was a good social media campaign. In addition, it united millions of strangers across the globe because of a single event.

According to the National Institute of Health, young adults with strong, positive face-to-face rapport are more inclined to use social apps as a supplementary tool in socialising with their friends. Moreover, sticky business via social apps is also ideal for the introverts, as they now have an avenue where they can interact comfortably.

Social apps are also transforming how people do business. In establishing a stronger customer relationship, companies engage with their loyal and prospective customers online. This can mean by posting content in social media where people will get to know more about the company and their brand. In short, the objective of these businesses is more customer engagement and less marketing. This way, the consumers feel homely and confident in doing business with them.

Sticky business via social apps can be a boon or a bane to your brand, depending on how you take advantage of it. Since information travels faster online, an unsatisfied customer can destroy your business in a single post or tweet. Companies like Starbucks and Dell make good models of customer service and engagement.